content, container, or concept? what the catalog card tells us.

When I was in library school at UT Austin circa 2003, I salvaged a stack of crumbling bibliographic how-to posters from a throw-away pile and have been carrying them around ever since. These 18''x 20'' beauties were created under the supervision of  an apparently visionary librarian, Ruby Ethel Cundiff, during the late 1930s and early... Continue Reading →


project curve, part three: profdevlib.

I don’t know about the rest of academic libraryland, but I have definitely overcome any delusions I was harboring of a summer work lull – things have been hilariously busy. Between building community and a structure of tools/strategies for the coming year at Claremont, winding down a long research consultancy for a consortium of California... Continue Reading →

ala 2011 wear/whereabouts.

I wrote a Librarian Wardrobe post yesterday with some info about what I'll be up to at ALA Annual in New Orleans: Packing for conferences is all about wise shoe choices, so I’m including a triptych of the four to five pairs that I’ll be bringing to New Orleans. Flips and boots are the other... Continue Reading →

unlocking hathitrust: an interview.

I have an article in Library Journal this week on HathiTrust, the giant "digital library by libraries for libraries." It's an interview with Heather Christiansen and Paul Fogel, two key HathiTrust staffers that I've enjoyed working with in the past. An excerpt: As librarians and users, we constantly encounter digital discovery interfaces and collections, but we don't... Continue Reading →

project curve, part one: maker breaks.

In my last post I set the stage for a series: to explore my learning curve at a new job at the Claremont Colleges Library through a few initial projects and collaborations. This is part one. Several stereotypical (yet accurate) generalizations: librarians are nerds, librarians like crafts, and librarians tend to have lots of interesting... Continue Reading →

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