sweet (anxiety) dreams: a convo with momma stillwell.

My mother, Julie Caroline Stillwell, has hilariously vivid stress  dreams. Most mornings I have been lucky enough to share with her (including this one) open with, “You’re not going to believe the nightmare I had last night….”, and end with both of us cracking up over watery Southern-style coffee. They tend to focus on one... Continue Reading →


postcards from saturn, part one.

In the past few months, I have finally started to feel like I’m entering the home stretch of a long and fierce Saturn Return. If you are dimly versed in pseudo-astrological wooness, this is the period around your 28th year where life kicks the proverbial shit out of you. More like what makes you you,... Continue Reading →


Wonder of wonders, my amazing and mildly technophobic mother joined Facebook to see the x-rays of my broken shoulder. I suggested an image of her being crowned homecoming queen of Permian High School in Odessa, Texas, as her profile picture  (she was also head cheerleader, of course.) This morning, I got the following message describing her... Continue Reading →

clearing the air.

Hats off to K.G. Schneider for helping to expose a painfully popular myth concerning a certain president being "from" a certain state (para. 2). Long live the memory of our true representatives.

manners v. hospitality.

Within five minutes of meeting me you're likely to discover my three main characteristics - I'm a librarian, I come from a long line of wonderfully stereotypical Texans, and I love food. The combination of these traits means that I am hyper-aware of both manners and hospitality. It may come as news to some, but... Continue Reading →

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