Posted by: char booth | 31 July 2009

library (fri)day in the life.

Actual Thursday and Ideal Thursday stayed in lockstep, and ended with a busy reference shift with several sharp/long/interesting interactions (anthropological readings of food and folklore, gendered social conditions under different dictatorships, etc.).

Ideal Friday is looking much less relentless:

– Backup scheduling duties for web-requested instruction sessions while a colleague is out of town

– Do some planning for Fall fac/staff co-training schedule (I offer sessions via the campus Educational Technology Services training space in CMS/library integration) – retool my approach to the eRes/eReadings session using a model syllabus review exercise

– Strategize around a more consultation-based faculty/instructor outreach service model for CMS/library integration (has largely been facilitated thus far by connections made during formal trainings)

– Write, write, write. I had a book epiphany yesterday that will resolve some nagging structural problems, thank the maker.

My Library Day in the Life, penultimate.



  1. […] value of creating a record of how librarians work for anyone who should care to be interested, I participated because I rely on metacognitive thinking to help me figure out a) how I do things, and b)  how I […]

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