Posted by: char booth | 29 July 2009

library (wednes)day in the life.

Actual Tuesday was right on, especially in terms of the Anthro instruction session I led, which was indeed earth-shattering. In the summer my teaching/training load goes way down, so it’s not unusual for me to feel a bit out of my element. This class, however, had a very engaged grad instructor and unusually bright/attentive students, even for Berkeley. Small class, too, which allowed for a lot of personal discussion and milling around. One of my best classes to date, and I was grateful for the excellent suggestions/feedback they submitted via online student/instructor assessments (I give out a quick tinyurl-linked Google form survey to students at the end of a F2F class or training, then email a similar Google form to course instructors).

Ideal Wednesday

– keep cleaning house, finish updating programs.

– watch/review bSpace CMS training screencast created by Berkeley Educational Technology Services, compile list of impressions/style thoughts to share with ETS colleagues.

– begin design process/planning for screencast following the same template (on using the CMS to create eReadings lists and link to library/research resources)

– get on top of old emails, scheduling, etc.

– send a few disjointed chapters to my intrepidly becrutched friend and editor Lia Friedman.

All in the name of Library Day in the Life | #librarydayinthelife.

[postscript: Laotian dinner was amazing – fried catfish in kaffir orange curry and roasted rice salad (larp kao). Plus $2 BeerLao, best deal in Oakland. Too much spice per usual, but well worth the torment.]



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