Posted by: char booth | 28 July 2009

library (tues)day in the life.

Actual Monday ended up resembling Ideal Monday, although I completely scrapped the Drupal chapter (no surprise there, really) and half of the FAQ work in order to make better headway on the syllabi.

Ideal Tuesday

-finish preparing for instruction.

– lead an earth-shattering session for the 6 students in Anth R5b: Politics of Ordinary Life. It’s a two-hour class, and I’m stoked to be able to spend so much individual time with them due to the small size. They’re picking a political object (film, event, article, etc.) to describe and analyze, so I’ll be working with them to contextualize their object within media/political discourse. Plus a field trip to the giant underground stacks, upon the instructor’s request.

– follow up with FAQ additions and Systems troubleshooting.

– make headway on a proposed redesign of our information for faculty/instructors and students pages. (This is in the broader context of developing a resource portal for instructors at Berkeley, which I’d like to be a longer-term Drupal project).

– clean up desktop and update a few programs.

If you’re wondering why I’m airing my daily work laundry, take a look at Library Day in the Life (#librarydayinthelife). And while it’s totally unrelated to work, tonight I’m meeting a friend for dinner at the world’s most incredible Laotian restaurant – think Thai food minus the sugar, plus catfish, sticky rice, mint, and cilantro. And a condiment tray the size of the table with ten different kinds of siracha. (Sorry Bay Area folks, in the interest of preservation it shall remain nameless.)



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