Posted by: char booth | 2 June 2009

local librarian receives well-deserved media attention.

My favorite partner in crime, Lia Friedman, got written up in an actual honest-to-god online newspaper for being an awesome librarian/ movershaker/activist/blogger:


The article continues at some length about what Lia is up to in the library world and elsewhere, which I love. Wishful thinking, perhaps, but this should happen more often from outside the professional microcosm when librarians do good work. Many congratulations for being recognized  for your long list of contributions, Lia.



  1. oh booth, the reason i am here is because of you. thank the maker for friends/champions/colleagues like you who make me better at what i do.

    • enough with the hyperbolic modesty, and it’s my pleasure.

  2. Hee hee: “soft spoken” !!!
    I am so proud! Anaconda hugs to the both of ya!

    • right? more like “thunder-fisted.” ribs be damned!

  3. Yay Lia! Very cool!

  4. ‘soft spoken’ was my mama’s favorite part of the piece too! thanks again all for the nice wishes!

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