Posted by: char booth | 4 February 2009


Wonder of wonders, my amazing and mildly technophobic mother joined Facebook to see the x-rays of my broken shoulder. I suggested an image of her being crowned homecoming queen of Permian High School in Odessa, Texas, as her profile picture  (she was also head cheerleader, of course.) This morning, I got the following message describing her travails, which for obvious reasons I had to share. Here it is (with her permission, of course):




  1. she sounds just like MY mom! for the longest time she would say things like “I tried to find your Face Page,” and “how did you put that picture on your Face Page?”

    PS will you be my friend?

  2. of course. as soon as i figure out what this ‘face page’ thing is.


    Have you seen this?

  4. What up CB? You know how Google generates a little list of frequently used search phrases when you type something in to the search bar? Well I plugged your name in there and guess what Google already knew… “char booth berkeley.” I kid you not; you are terribly popular. Anyway, I found your blog! V. interesting. Friend me on Facebook if you’d like to catch up. 🙂 Your old friend Shannon

  5. […] PS: Happy birthday, Momma. I love you, and thanks both for your blessing to share our conversation and for your endless patience with my stealth recording tactics. […]

  6. […] when my (amazing) mother described her own bit of Facebook trouble after my bike wreck a few years […]

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