Posted by: char booth | 18 December 2008

words to live by.


It’s my birthday, ever a reminder of how lucky I am to have many talented, generous, and patient people in my life. Endless thanks to Lia for cross-stitching me my very own motto, which deserves a little provenance. She and I saw something exactly like this hanging in an old boat museum a while back – for obvious reasons we took pictures at the time. To my amazement a handmade replica showed up on my doorstep this week, and if you’ve ever created anything that started off as string I don’t have to tell you that this is a piece of work. If I had to pick a phrase that pretty much sums things up, this would most certainly be it.



  1. beautiful and lucky and perfectly true. Congrats on the birthday and the good friends.

  2. right? thank you, xo.

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